Chop Chat Cook

Episode 1: Interview with Ruth


Chop Chat Cook is a Talk Show which is filmed in my kitchen in sunny Queensland. I interview guests while we chop, cook and chat and discuss the big stuff in life.

We chat about issues which impact on women, such as financial literacy, elder abuse, homelessness and protection of the rights of the vulnerable.

Ruth and I discuss house sitting as an option to reduce housing costs. My interview covers homelessness, the causes of it and the options that are available to people who are homeless.  Watch and listen as we create cooking magic with chilli-con-carne. This episode is currently in post-production.

Each episode of Chop Chat Cook will be approximately six-ten minutes in length.

The idea for Chop Chat Cook grew out the high number of older women who are experiencing homelessness.

I want to generate awareness and debate about the increasing number of older women who are experiencing homelessness and explore different models to address homelessness.

I would like to thank my friend Ruth, a spiritual carer, conservationist and artist for her honesty in sharing her experiences.


Michael Angelo Monaco,  Sound Recordist,  Bobbi-Lea Dionysius, Editor and Gillian Worrall , Graphic Artist for design of the logo and Lena Ito, Composer for the music.